Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Michelle decided it was easiest to keep me on the couch with her during the night.  It took all night to clean the pin sites because every time she would touch me with the qtip I would wake up very unhappy!  She did the best she could but needless to say until she stopped poking me I didn't get a great night's sleep.

Mommy came down at 5:30 am and spent some time updating my blog while I slept next to her.  I woke up around 8 am.  My parents were not looking forward to turning the pins but they knew they needed to get it done.  I had gotten Tylenol with codeine and my antibiotics at 8 am and started my feeding and then about 8:30 they headed up the stairs to turn the pins.  I didn't make it all the way up the stairs before I ended up vomiting.  Mommy figured it was probably the meds on an empty stomach but my parents turned off the feeding while they turned the pins.  Mommy held me down while Daddy got out the wrench and turned each of the four sites one turn.  Since I hadn't had a bowel movement since Sunday night, Mommy decided to give me a suppository since I was already upset with them about the pin turning.  As soon as they let me up, I stopped crying and asked to go to the potty.  For the next few minutes I was so distracted by the suppository that I pretty much ignored the pins.  My parents hate having to do it but compared to the pin turning from my first jaw distraction this seemed to go much better.

After the drama of pin turning, I asked Daddy to set me up a tent.  First, he just covered the dining room table with blankets but eventually he got out the camping tent and set it up in the front room.  We threw some blankets and pillows in there and I demanded that every family member (including my furry brothers) get in the tent with me. 

I had a great morning and by 1 pm I was starting to wear down.  I had fought Michelle putting ice on my swollen cheeks all night but I agreed to let Mommy try a wet washcloth and boy did that feel good!  Eventually Mommy added the ice in and I was loving it.  Any time she moved it away for a second I demanded she put it back.  In fact, I fell asleep leaning against it (you can see the picture Daddy took above).  I took a 3 1/2 hour nap and was primed and ready to play when Jackson, Kristin and Lonnie came by with dinner.  I hadn't seen Jackson in weeks and he didn't even seem to notice the pins.  I kept pointing at them but he wasn't interested.  He brought me a Fisher Price video camera and we had a great time running around the house.  Too much running if you ask Mommy and Daddy.  We ran into each other several times and there were other several near misses.  Shortly before they left, though, I tripped and for the first time since moving into the house, I hit my head on the fireplace.  Man it was a bleeder but eventually it stopped enough that we put a Dora band aid on it and I was back running around!

I had a chance to watch a little Caillou before Uncle Jeff and Viv stopped by to say hi.  I saw Uncle Jeff in the hospital but I hadn't seen Viv since before Christmas.  Viv showed off her new sign language skills.  She and Uncle Jeff surprised me and are taking beginning sign language classes so they can sign with me!  Just before they left for the night, Michelle arrived for her shift.  I was nice and wound by that point!  At 8:30 pm, Michelle watched as Daddy and Mommy turned my pins again.  Just like this morning, I cried for a few minutes afterwards but a little soda and some Caillou was enough to distract me.  When Mommy went to bed at 9 pm, I was happily watching TV with Michelle.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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