Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday, February 11th, 2011

It's easy to see what is happening on the outside but not always easy to know what is happening on the inside with my jaw distraction.  I thought this picture shows it pretty well.

Today was my follow up appointment with Dr Morales.  It was a quick appointment and he thought the pin sites looked good but he wants my parents to change up the turning on the bottom pins.  Currently my parents turn the top pins and bottom pins 1 turn twice a day.  Now he wants them to continue to turn the top pins 1 turn twice a day but start turning the bottom pins two turns twice a day.  He had told my parents in the beginning that he wanted to distract the bottom as much as the hardware would allow but probably wouldn't distract the top quite as much.  He wants them to continue this new protocol through next Friday and then go back to 1 turn for both the top and the bottom until we go back to see him on the 23rd.  Hopefully at that point we will be close to being done.

When my parents went home tonight and turned the bottom pins twice it became very clear very quickly that the second turn was much more dramatic.  Instead of a few minutes of crying I kept crying and kept crying and kept crying.  Since I can only get Tylenol every four hours and my parents hadn't been expecting a problem, they had given me regular Tylenol 1/2 hour before turning the pins.  Then they got to try to console me for 3 1/2 more hours until they could give me the Tylenol with codeine.  They even gave me some Ibuprofin shortly after turning the pins but it didn't seem to touch the pain at all.  My parents started having flashbacks to my first jaw distraction at 9 months old.  I couldn't get comfortable and kept wincing and pointing at the areas that were hurting me.  After a few hours, I finally fell asleep more from exhaustion then relief but it didn't last long before I was back awake and hurting.  It sure seemed like a long few hours until they could give me the Tylenol with codeine but within minutes I fell back into a restful sleep and continued to sleep well the rest of the night. 

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Awww....that just makes me so sad.
    What a trooper.
    Thanks for the email it was helpful!!
    I appreciated it.