Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

A note from Mommy:

Peyton woke up around 5 am to use the potty and then watched a video for about 30 minutes before falling back to sleep.  The resident stopped by at 7:30 just as Travis was arriving.  She gave us the wrench for turning the pins and explained that we would need to turn each pin (4 in total) one turn twice daily and clean the area each day with saline and neosporin.  We would need to start turning Wednesday morning. She said she would sign the discharge papers right away and we could leave when we were ready.

A short while later, Peyton woke up for good and as soon as she saw Travis she signed and said "home".  We let her know that she was going home today in just a short while.  While we waited for the paperwork to be completed and the prescriptions to be signed, we had the nurses start a feeding.  Normally Peyton gets 240 cc's over about 25 minutes.  Since Peyton often has trouble with the first feeding of the morning, we asked them to run 125 cc's over an hour.  About 25 minutes in we noticed that the pump didn't seem set correctly and realized they had set it for 300 cc's over an hour which would give her 125 cc's in just under 30 minutes.  About that time, she signed that she was sick and we turned off the pump.  She said she needed to go potty but before we could get there, she vomited a little.  She still wanted to go potty so we got her up and she peed.  As soon as she was done she told us she said "much better".  We got her changed into some clothes and started to clean up the room while I went down to the pharmacy.  They opened at 9 am but said they would need about 15 minutes to get the presciptions filled.  I met up with Kristin and my mom, Marilyn and we headed back upstairs, stopping to get some coffee.  We spent the next few minutes drinking coffee and packing up the room.  On the way down, we stopped by the pharmacy and picked up the medications and were on our way. 

On the way home, Peyton was happy playing with her balloons but as soon as we walked in the door she vomited a little more.  We got her into some fresh clothes and off she went.  She had crazy energy all day.  Travis let me take a nap and from around noon to 4 he did his best to keep her entertained while I slept.  That was easier said than done because she was feeling pretty good and was running around the house chasing the dogs, jumping on the bed and throwing herself face first into the pillows.  The pain was obviously under control.

When I woke up, we got Peyton into the bath.  She had a great time playing but it was pretty clear that she didn't want us messing at all with the hardware.  We were able to clean it up a little while washing her hair we accidentally poured a little water over the hardware.  Then once she was dry and in a clean outfit we changed her trach and trach tie.

Glenda and Russ invited us over for dinner so we wouldn't have to cook and we were happy for the meal and the extra set of hands.  Just like at our house, Peyton was all over the house chasing Pandy and Coco.  She sat at the table briefly but then went looking for Duchess the cat. 

We got home arund 7:30 pm and found out that Michelle would be able to work the night shift.  She arrived about 8:30 and was more than a little shocked to see Peyton runing around the house.  But shortly after she arrived, Peyton started to slow down.  While I gave her an update on the last 24 hours, Peyton watched Yo Gabba Gabba.  At 9:30 when the nursing supervisor arrived for the assessment, Peyton was starting to fall asleep in my arms.  By the time the supervisor left at 10 pm, Peyton was fast asleep.  Michelle and I made the decision to set her up on the couch with Michelle for the night.  We had given Michelle the task of trying to clean the hardware while she was asleep and with Peyton being so jumpy, we figured she would be a little more relaxed if Michelle was close.  After getting Michelle set up with everything she would need for the night, off to bed I went thankful we had a great nurse to keep an eye on her through the night.


  1. I'm so glad you found our blog! I don't think your a stalker! :) Im so glad Peyton did good in her surgery, she is so cute! Keep in touch!

  2. You're doing AMAZING sweet girl, and we are so proud of your strength!

    Now if you would only sit still and stop being so active this next few months, mommy and daddy could rest easy at night.

    How is your Dora bandaid on your forehead?