Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Despite all the vomiting and pain, I still managed to make my parents a beautiful card for Valentine's Day (okay I got a lot of help from Grandma Glenda too).  

When I woke up at Grandma Glenda's after my nap I got a surprise when Jackson was waiting there.  His baby sitter lives just a few blocks away and she had to run an errand so she dropped Jackson off for just a few hours until Aunt Kristin could pick him up.  Aunt Kristin and Mommy came to pick us up and I got to spend time playing with Jackson while Mommy ran to get some take out for her and Daddy for dinner.

My parents tried to have a nice dinner at home but eventually it was time to turn again.  They have been very lucky that Michelle has been able to turn early in the morning while I am sleeping.  I usually wake up for a few minutes, cry and then fall back to sleep but at night it is never that easy.  Tonight as I was turning I cried and told Daddy, "No, Daddy stop" and I know it broke his heart that he had to keep turning.  After days of seeing me in pain, both my parents are really struggling.  Tonight as I was crying in my bed after they were done Mommy cried right along with me.  They are counting down the number of times left they have to turn. 

Peyton Nicole Smith

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