Monday, February 7, 2011

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

My parents were super thrilled this morning when Michelle said she was able to turn my pins last night while I was sleeping.  When Mommy had heard other parents say they could turn pins while their child was sleeping, she thought they were nuts.  But everything about this jaw distraction is completely different than the last one.  In fact, today I dropped the serious meds and had two doses of regular Tylenol all day.  Good thing because the Tylenol with codeine was hard on my tummy.  In the early afternoon, Mommy was trying to take a nap and then Daddy came and got her.  He said I was sitting on the potty crying for her.  OK so I won't be too graphic but I was seriously backed up!  The first 15 minutes I spent on the downstairs potty sobbing continuously.  I was able to pass some of what I had in me and then I requested to go to the upstairs potty where I sat crying for another 15 minutes.  Mommy sat on the floor next to me rubbing my back and trying to reassure me.  Finally she heard a plop and I started clapping and it was all over.  Whew - couldn't stop that codeine soon enough!

Grandma and Papa Smith called a short time later and said they had something to show me.  Daddy was pretty sure it was going to be another dog and sure enough in they walked with the newest member of the family - Sadie.  She is a 10 week old poodle and I am in love!!!  She is just a few pounds and super tiny so I can carry her around (with supervision of course).  Michelle was coming at 5 pm so my parents could go on their monthly date night so Sadie and my grandparents left pretty quickly but Grandma promised me I would get to play with Sadie all day on Monday.

My parents had a yummy dinner at Market Street although the waiter was so terribly slow that they weren't able to get to the movie in time.  They stopped by Kohl's to pick up some more shirts for me since most of my clothes won't fit over my head with the distractors and then they took a stroll for old time's sake on the football field at Alta High School in the frigid cold.  They decided to head home early.  Good thing, I had fallen asleep at 6:30 pm and with two feedings while sleeping my belly couldn't handle it.  I had been upset and signing "Mommy" to Michelle and just as my parents came back home I ended up throwing up.  But like usual, once I got it up I was feeling great and therefore stayed up until almost 1 am. 

Peyton Nicole Smith

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