Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friday, February 18th, 2011

After the long night, I slept late today.  In the afternoon I went to my Papa's appointment with Grandma.  Unfortunately just 10-15 minutes after getting my Tylenol dose, I ended up vomiting.  A few hours later I was hurting - a lot.  When Grandma realized I probably didn't really get that last Tylenol dose Papa called Mommy to make sure it would be okay to get the next Tylenol dose early. When Mommy arrived a few minutes later I was pretty miserable and then it was just a waiting game to see when the medication would finally kick in. 

After Mommy got home she made a mad rush to call Dr Morales office.  At 4:57 pm the office had already closed so she left a message for the on call doctor.  You see once again we were heading into a weekend and I had run out of my Tylenol with codeine and there weren't any refills.  It took the resident several hours to call back but she promised Rite Aid would have the prescription for us first thing in the morning.

Tonight was a celebration of sorts, since we didn't have to turn twice on the bottom any more.  Despite only turning once on the bottom tonight, it was still a rough night for Daddy and I. 

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Wow, she looks great! I can't believe how quickly her jaw is changing.