Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

My face is changing there is no denying it.  Although my parents have been through this once before with me it seems more dramatic this time for some reason - maybe it is because I don't have all the baby fat I did the last time.  Daddy is actually a little nervous that the doctor is having them turn too much and now I have too big a chin - but that was the plan - to overshoot it so I could grow into it.

Each turn is just one turn closer to being done but when it is this awful for all of us it seems like the end will never come.  Tonight I had a fill-in nurse.  She has only worked one other shift with me and that was back in November - forever ago.  Mommy thought all day about just calling and having them cancel her shift because she had a bad feeling about how it would go.  When Angel showed up at 10 pm I was fairly calm and the pain was mostly under control.  I wanted nothing to do with her and actually turned over and went to sleep.  Mommy thought she had hit the jackpot - this was way too easy!  My parents let Angel know not to bother turning the pins, they would worry about it in the morning after she left.  Mommy was getting ready for bed when she heard me crying a few minutes later.  She walked in and Angel said I had woken up, seen her and started crying hysterically.  Mommy rubbed my head and I eventually calmed down and went back to sleep.  About 2 in the morning, Mommy woke when she heard me kicking the walls in my bedroom and crying.  Apparently, I had woken up yet again and not knowing Angel was freaking out.  It took Mommy about 30 minutes this time to calm me down and get me to sleep.  At r am Mommy was woken one more time to me kicking the wall and crying.  It took a little longer this time to calm me down and at 4:30 I was 30 minutes out from my Tylenol dose so Mommy had Angel hold me down and she went ahead and turned the pins.  She figured I was already so upset might as well get it done.  Mommy held the cold washcloth to my face and I started watching my Signing Time video and had calmed down.  I was actually starting to fall asleep but all of a sudden I sat up and vomited some of my milk.  With Angel's help, Mommy got me changed and within minutes I fell back to sleep.  It was a long night but luckily we are a day closer to being done.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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