Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

This is me sleeping.  Although things are starting to look up a little I am still having periods of pain.

Mommy had to wake Daddy and I up this morning so we could go get our taxes done.  It was a quick and fairly painless process and I ended up with some fun bracelets for being so good.

In the afternoon, I went to hang out with Grandma and Papa Smith so Mommy and Daddy could get some time together alone.  They decided to go to the Harley Davidson dealership to check out some used motorcycles.  Daddy used to ride a sports bike in his younger days but now he is looking for something a little slower and a lot more expensive ; )  They stopped for an early dinner and then came back to pick me up.  Grandma said the last few hours it was the best I have felt in several weeks so that one less turn really does seem to be helping a little.

Tonight was Mommy's night and I fell asleep around 11:30.  Just as Mommy was ready to call it a night around 1 am, I started crying in my sleep and punching and kicking anything that came close to me.  Mommy tried to soothe me but I never opened my eyes.  After a few minutes, I eventually fell back to sleep but the rest of the night I periodically had these fits.  Sometimes they lasted 30 seconds but sometimes they lasted 5-10 minutes.  Since I never opened my eyes even after Mommy talked to me and shook me a little, Mommy decided I was probably having a bad dream.  It certainly made for a long night.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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