Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

It was a crazy day! My first feeding of the day went off without a hitch so Mommy was sure hopeful for a no vomit day. But poor Lucille ended up being on the receiving end instead of Mommy today about 20 minutes after my second feeding. Now Mommy can just change into other clothes but Lucille was not so lucky, so Mommy gave her a shirt of Daddy's and started a load of laundry!
A short time later I had my feeding therapy appointment and that went pretty well considering. I showed Mommy how I can suck a little out of a straw and how much I like lemon pudding. Karen broke the news that the budget cuts are extending beyond music therapy. From what Mommy understands, in the near future the State will require that I first use my medical insurance to get therapy services covered. That will mean that Mommy has to find new therapists that will take the insurance and it's unlikely they will be able to provide the services at home. Once my benefits have been exhausted for the year through my medical insurance then I will go back on the waiting list with my current therapists to start therapy up again with them. When the new benefit year starts the whole process will start again. It's not an ideal situation - going back and forth between therapists and locations - but Mommy isn't surprised. So Daddy and Mommy will need to sit down and decide which therapy services to continue with and which may not be worth the hassle.
After a short nap, it was time to head to UC Davis for my VitalStim appointment. It has been several months since my last session due to conflicts in scheduling between Mommy and my therapist. Although Mommy came well prepared I was not very happy about wearing the electrodes on my cheeks. After my appointment yesterday, Mommy was pretty happy that I wore the stickers at all - but Jan never got to actually turn them on before I pulled them off. So we changed tactics and Jan worked with me on my speaking and trying to get me to blow bubbles. Mommy is hoping that once I get back into the routine I'll start allowing Jan to leave the electrodes on.
On the way home, Lucille started my fourth feeding of the day. Shortly after we arrived home Mommy saw that familiar look on my face and was able to get some towels before I vomited up most of the feeding. Mommy had put a call in earlier to my GI and they were getting an order in place to have an xray taken of my abdomen to see if there was any type of blockage. So after Lucille went home for the day, Mommy and I ran to the local imaging center to get an xray of my tummy. Now my parents just need to wait to have the xray read by the doctor. Hopefully, they will call Mommy soon.
Since I only kept down two of my feedings today, Mommy held off on my last feeding to give me time for my tummy to settle. She is hoping the suppository she gave me this afternoon will finally kick in and I'll start feeling better soon.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Your poor belly! Hopefully, your mommy and daddy will have some answers soon and can find a way to keep your feedings in. You need them to grow! There are so many great foods that Jackson LOVES that he would love to get you acquainted with: fried rice, sticky rice, noodles with marinara, mac n' cheese, and pot stickers!