Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Because of the heat of yesterday, my parents hadn't planned on going to the park today but it ended up being cooler then expected and there was a brief time when both Jackson and I were awake at the same time (shocker!). We all quickly got to the park while everyone was still in a relatively good mood and spent a few minutes feeding the ducks and squirrels and running around together. Jackson soon needed a nap so after a quick lunch we both went down for our naps. A few hours later I woke up but Jackson, Aunt Kristin and Uncle Lonnie were on the way to the airport to head back to Salt Lake. I was very sad to see them go (although it is nice to have my toys all to myself again)!
Daddy reorganized our front room so now I have a great play area with some of my new toys. Then it was time for another big moment - my first bath alone in the bath tub. I have been using a baby bath up until now with a few dips in the tub with Mommy. But now I am two and I have new tub toys, a bath mat and a spout cover to keep me occupied and safe. It went pretty smoothly if you don't count the little bit of water down my trach when Mommy was rinsing out my hair (oops). I am just getting so big!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Congrats on your bath in the big girl tub, with all your big girl toys!

    If your brothers don't get out of your chair, they will be in BIG trouble! I am thinking weanie roast kind of trouble!

    Glad that you are enjoying all your birthday toys to yourself, but I sure do miss you, and I know Jackson really misses your pretty bead necklaces, your drums, and your kitchen! I am hoping that Santa remembers Jackson's fondness for the kitchen this Christmas, as it was a great tool to keep him occupied!

    Miss you already...