Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

My day was divided up into two sections - before my nap and after my nap. Before my nap was not so good. Although I tried to stay in a good mood, my tummy was not feeling so hot and after my feeding I threw up all over Daddy (yep, Mommy escaped for once!) The Miralax was not doing the trick apparently, so just like yesterday my parents had to give me a suppository. Now normally they see immediate results but not today! In the meantime, I played and was in a decent mood. While Mommy was making the bed I climbed up and started walking around. This has always made Mommy nervous so as usual she was standing right next to me. But I threw her a curve ball and started walking backwards. I was just out of Mommy's reach when I ran out of bed and fell backwards and landed on the floor. It was like slow motion for Mommy, her fingertips brushed my legs but I was gone. She rushed to the other side of the bed and I was crying really hard but I wasn't really hurt - just scared. It didn't last long, though, before I was wanting to climb the stairs again and start over. But just to get one final jab at Mommy to make her feel extra guilty, I first returned to the scene of the crime and laid down to replay the scene for her. (Yes, this is a new thing I like to do. After I hurt myself in some way I go back to the spot that it happened and relive it. Later in the day when I got too much speed on my slide I didn't stick my dismount and fell forward on my nose. After being consoled I went right back to the spot where it happened and bonked my nose on the floor again - just to rub it in to my parents what a lax job they are doing!)

After recovering from the fall, Lucille showed up to save me. My parents had to run to Costco and there wasn't going to be any room in the cart for me. She put me down for a nap and when I woke up two hours later it didn't take but a few seconds before she could smell me from across the room - thank goodness for suppositories! As you might imagine, my day improved from there. When my parents came home later that afternoon I was pretty chipper and ready to spend more time on my slide. In fact, I am getting pretty fancy. I like putting my baby doll down the slide (actually just about any item that I can lift has the potential to be put down the slide). I can't wait until Jackson comes for a visit and we can go down the slide together!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Tracy are you on FB? I would like to contact you about doing a Craniofacial Awareness event in CA. I haven't seen you on the Trach board lately. Contact me if you might be interested.