Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Despite 100+ weather, the six of us headed to Fairytale Town to burn off some energy. We visited all the resident animals - three blind mice, Eyore the donkey, three little pigs, etc. They were about as happy as we were to be out in the blazing sun. But when we went up Jack and Jill's hill we found a little water to splash and cool off in and then side by side slides that Jackson and I could go down together. Even with a little cooling off it wasn't long before we decided to go find some air conditioning. We were all a little hungry so we made it to the food court at Arden Fair Mall. After a little mexican it was time for everyone to have a nap but not before we stopped at the frozen yogurt shop. I got a little chocolate milkshake in my cup on the ride home and loved it!
Jackson and I went down for a long afternoon nap and then it was time for a quick dinner and I finally got to open my presents! I had already got to open a few over the course of the last few days but today I got to open the rest. There were so many fun presents but my favorite was a stroller for my baby doll from Karen. But I wasn't the only one who liked it and as soon as I would turn my back Jackson would take off with it! I got a Barney doll from Grandpa & Grandma Smith that sings but my parents were really surprised when I wanted nothing to do with it - espescially since one of my very favorite videos is Barney. That's okay because Jackson loved it and as long as I was across the room I would dance when Barney sang but I didn't want him to get too close to me. When it was finally time for bed, I threw a little fit because I didn't want to stop playing with my stroller. Mommy parked it in front of my crib and promised me I would get to play with it first thing in the morning. It better be there when I wake up!
Thanks for all the cards and gifts - I am a very lucky girl that so many people love me!
Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. LOVED meeting Uncle Jeff, and am happy to know that he takes AMAZING care of you when uncle Shawn, Jason, and Lonnie are far enough away that they can't take care of you.

    Tell him I am keeping my fingers crossed that his "drug holidays" are a success! Hope he comes along for the ride at Christmas, we would have so much fun getting to know him better!

    Love you TONS!!! Miss you already!

  2. Aishling also never lets her dolly stroller out of her sight. She got one for her 1st birthday. It will be the most important toy for Peyton (or so she'll think) to have for a long time.