Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monday, August 3rd - Friday, August 7th, 2009

After being home for just a few days, it was time for Mommy to go back to Madison on Monday morning. I think Daddy, the doggies and I are getting used to her being gone now. We kind of have our own routine. But Mommy calls several times a day to check on me and I have been doing great this week. I had another really good feeding therapy appointment on Wednesday. I really like lemon meringue pie pudding - yummy!
Daddy has learned to wait until I am asleep to paint my toe nails - otherwise I keep touching them!

We got the first news of how the California budget cuts will impact the services I receive when we were told that music therapy has been cut. I will continue to get services through the end of August and then if my parents want me to continue they will have to investigate other options. Because I have been doing so well, Mommy had already considered potentially stopping music therapy anyway so someone else on the waiting list could start up.

Mommy came home Thursday night and I had just fallen asleep. Daddy got me out of bed thinking for sure I would want to wake up to say hi but I opened my eyes and then zonked back out on Mommy's shoulder immeadiately. In the morning she was there to get me ready and I was happy to see her. We had a great music therapy appointment today with Spencer and he was amazed at how much I vocalize now to the song. I "anticipate" what is coming next in the song and try to "sing" along. It doesn't sound much like the words but it's a good start!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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