Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

5 am this morning was the handoff - Mommy got the coffee brewing for her and sent Daddy on to bed so he could sleep a little on a mattress instead of the floor. I decided to be easy on Mommy this morning and slept in until almost 7 am. Daddy got up around 9:30 and while he chased me around the house with my feeding bag Mommy got some breakfast going.
It was the third and final day for Daddy to help Jeff with his move. It was supposed to be a quick trip to Folsom and back with the breakable stuff but when Daddy went to start his car the battery was dead. Thus began a two hour adventure of going to get a battery and then realizing all of his tools were at Jeff's so then off to buy tools. He finally got on the way to Folsom around 1:30. I was down for a nap and as Mommy had promised once I was awake she took me to Toys R Us. Mommy said it was time to start thinking about my 2nd birthday and she wanted some ideas and needed my help. I wanted to take every doll home with me but Mommy convinced me to leave them at the store and she would buy my dolly a "magic" baby bottle that "emptied" when it was turned upside down. I also got a book with flaps that lift up (my favorite book is still my Dora Christmas book with flaps although I have torn off most of the flaps by now), another DVD and some pink tennis balls (I would not leave the store without some type of ball so Mommy settled on the pink ones). I'm not sure if Mommy really figured out what to get me for my birthday but we had a lot of fun looking around together. BTW - the baby bottle was a hit - I was "drinking" it as soon as Mommy got it out of the package. Every now and again I will let my dolly have a swig but it is most definately my bottle!
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Where are pics of all your new toys? I would like to see your new baby bottle, it sounds great!

    Glad to hear you also like books with flaps, Jackson certainly enjoys them also, but I have to hold both hands when we read them at night, as I am not ready for him to rip off any of the flaps! Is Dora your favorite, or just because the books have flaps? Didn't realize you were a Dora fan.

    Glad that even with all the moving daddy and mommy had going on you were able to get out of the house to enjoy a trip to Toys R Us!