Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday, July 10th, 2009

It ended up being quite a busy day for me. I had a mid-morning appointment with Dr Miller. He is the anesthesiologist who works with my dentist. In the last few weeks he has been doing a lot of research on me - talking to my pediatrician, my cardiologist and several anesthesiologists who have worked on me in the past. Because of the trach he feels comfortable putting me under anesthesia for my dental work in the dental office instead of the hospital. He did want to meet me first so we went to the dental office and he stopped by in between surgeries. He checked out my veins and let Mommy know that the hardest part of the whole procedure may be finding a vein but he is willing to give it a shot - he hasn't had a case yet he couldn't get a vein but there's a first time for everything! So I am headed back on the 24th and Mommy will cross her fingers that my veins are in the mood to participate. This dental office thing isn't all that bad - I got sent home with a Disney princess sticker, a balloon and a sugar free sucker!
In the afternoon it was time for another music therapy appointment. I am really starting to warm up to Spencer and I even start strumming his guitar a few times during the session. I have really started vocalizing a lot in the last week or so - to the point that some sounds are pretty recognizable. In fact "up" comes through loud and clear now. My parents have been working with me on the animal sounds - "quack quack", "ruff ruff", "tweet tweet", etc. They still sound very similar but my parents have seen a lot of improvement in the last few days. I have even let my parents try out the Shikani speaking valve again. I keep thinking with the valve on I still need to cover my trach but I am figuring it out. Don't worry about the coughing at the end of the video - it's just me learning how to use my speaking valve.
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