Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Today I was back to my normal self - my feedings were all normal and my mood was great. As my parents promised, I got to go to the park today to feed the ducks (and geese and birds and squirrels). We stopped by the store to get some saltine crackers (without the salt) and in 93+ degree heat we parked my stroller under some big trees for shade and spent a good hour going through half a loaf of bread and the box of crackers. To say there were a few birds around would be an understatement and they just kept coming (you can see the line of them making their way across the pond to get to us). When Mommy pulled out the crackers and gave me some to feed the ducks I surprised her and decided I wanted to eat them instead! Eventually, I gave a few up to the animals but I got a few bites for myself as well. There was one goose who insisted on standing really close and hissing at us but the rest of the ducks and geese were pretty friendly and willing to take crackers from our hands. I had so much fun and my parents promise to take me back again soon.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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