Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Mommy has been looking forward to today's appointment - my speech and feeding evaluation. Finally, I am getting some formal speech therapy! My feeding therapist in California did some great work over the last year but now I am going to have the opportunity to have someone devote the entire session to speech therapy.
Courtney came highly recommended and as soon as Mommy, Grandma Glenda and I showed up we knew why. She was tons of fun and was evaluating me for speech without me even knowing it - I just thought we were playing! Despite no nap today, I was ready to show off for her and she was pretty impressed with me. In fact, she thought it was hilarious when I would cover my trach and laugh. Mommy caught her up to speed on the road to speech before today. Most of the two hour session was spent on speech therapy but towards the end we did talk about feeding and I had a few crackers. She is super excited to work with me and thinks I can make some great progress since I am so motivated and easy to work with - music to Mommy's ears!
Mommy and I ran home quickly to change and then I was off to Nia's 5th birthday party. It was very unlike me, but I caught a case of shyness and wanted Mommy to hold me and I buried my head in her shoulder. It took quite a while for me to start to warm up to everyone. It didn't help when Cinderella showed up for the party. I am not a big Disney princess fan and rather then be in awe that she was standing in front of me (like all the other little girls) I was terrified and didn't want to get anywhere close to her! Eventually, Cinderella had us make our own crowns and I let her get close enough to put the crown on my head but I still refused to take any pictures with her. Nia was so sweet and let me play with all her toys and I found a new favorite - Polly Pockets. A little boy named Kyler who was 2 and just my size decided he liked them too so we played together nicely until it was time to go.
Thank you Nia for inviting me to your party!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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