Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

We took advantage of the new Outpatient Primary Children's location at Riverton Hospital for my CT scan today. It is so much faster to get in for services there and the hospital is not busy at all so parking is easy.

So this was definately a lesson learned for Mommy. At UCD, all my CT scans were done with general anesthesia with a tube directly to my trach. Very quick and easy. Primary Children's prefers doing IV sedation. Now as all of you know, I am a difficult stick during the best of times. But add on one arm being casted the nurse is already at a disadvantage because those potential IV sites aren't options any longer. In addition, being just a few days post-surgery most of my other veins are blown from that surgery! The nurse was persistant, though, and found a site in my hand that worked and it didn't take more than about 10 minutes to get me hooked up. A quick dose of Versed through the IV and I was nice and relaxed. Then a dose of Ketamine (known as Special K on the streets) kicked in and the lights were on but nobody was home! Perfect conditions for a CT scan and it was only a few minutes later I was sitting in Mommy's lap in recovery. Whew - glad that is over! So Mommy has learned not to schedule any type of procedure that requires an IV when a. I have a cast and/or b. I just had surgery and my veins are blown!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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