Friday, August 13, 2010

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Today was my occupational therapy evaluation with Wendy. Since I had just been to the office last week for my speech/feeding evaluation I was content to play in the waiting room until I was called back. Once in the room, I was interested to see a maze of mats for playing on. There were mat stairs leading up to a mat slide and it only took a few minutes before I warmed up and started exploring while Mommy answered some questions for Wendy.
Before long it was time to get down to business and Wendy put me in a little chair with a table so I could "play". I worked on stringing beads, taking lids off of a container, etc. My favorite part, though, was when she pulled out some tiny Peyton sized scissors and I got to cut paper. Mommy was just a wee bit horrified at the thought of me cutting but I did very well and when I was done my fingers were intact! I was so good Wendy even gave Mommy the scissors for me to take home!
Two hours after we started the fun and games came to a screeching halt when I peed through my diaper (those things can only hold so much apparently) and after a quick diaper change and a fresh pair of pants it was time to leave. Since I am getting my hand surgery next week, Wendy is going to focus on my left hand after the cast comes off so we probably won't be doing much therapy until then.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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