Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

The time has finally arrived - we were off to Sacramento today! First stop was dropping off my furry brothers to spend time with Grandma and Papa. They were super excited as soon as we pulled in the drive way although a little sad as we drove away. Then, it was on to the DMV to to register Mommy's car. Finally, we stopped by Daddy's work to say goodbye to Uncle Jeff. A gas fill up and some fast food and we were on our way. As usual, I am a great traveler and between my DVD's and the art supplies Mommy packed I kept myself entertained. I even took a 2 hour nap. We stopped for gas a few times and 9 hours later we were coming down the mountain into Sacramento.
Mommy had received the paperwork for the surgery quite some time ago. The instructions were that we were to receive a call the day before surgery (today) with the surgery time and if we hadn't heard from anyone by 4 pm to call. Mommy (being the planner she is) wanted to call first thing this morning but Mommy (being the rule follower she is) waited until 4:01 to call when the day went by without any word. She got the voice mails of two different people in the surgery area and she had a sinking feeling in her stomach. After all, she knew that the surgery folks were there bright and early and would already have gone home for the day. So, she decided to call the outpatient clinic since they took appoinments in the afternoon and should be around. When she spoke to the front desk person and explained the situation, they did a quick peek at my account and told Mommy, "It looks like her surgery has been cancelled." CANCELLED???!!!?? Momy said as nicely as she could, "It better not be cancelled, we just drove 10 hours to get here." The receptionist wisely decided to call Janice the nurse for Dr. James and Mommy was left to stew for about 10 minutes until Janice called her back. Janice was great, her first question was "How are you doing besides being really upset?" And then the magic words "We are going to fix this." A few weeks ago, Janice received a note saying we had decided to cancel the surgery and have it done in Salt Lake which she thought was strange. Obviously, since we didn't make that call Janice said they would be looking into what happened. She let Mommy know that I would not be the first case of the day like I usually am but they would fit me in. Mommy breathed a sigh of relief just as we were pulling into Sacramento - it was all going to work out.
First stop was the Ronald McDonald House to get checked in. Despite being in the middle of the UC Davis campus, it was a quiet peaceful spot. I got to pick out a blanket and a toy and they showed us to our room. There were eight bedrooms to a house and each house has a shared living area, kithen and dining room. There was one other family having some dinner as we got unpacked in our room. We decided to head out for something to eat and then had a quick stop to get nail polish remover for my toes. By 9 pm we were back in our room and I had my presurgery bath before calling it a night. Since there was only one bed, I slept in the middle of my parents and proceeded to kick them vigorously through out the night (reminded Mommy a little of her pregnancy).
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. LOVE the pics of you with Ronald McDonald!

    Thank goodness the surgery all worked out, mommy has enough headaches to deal with, without having to reschedule your surgery!

    I LOVE your purple cast!