Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

What a big day it was today! Not only was it my first day of preschool but it was also my 3rd birthday party. Mommy took the day off and Daddy went into work late so the two of them could come with Grandma Glenda and I to my preschool class. I was a little early and had a few minutes to check out the classroom before it was time to head outside to meet the vans pulling up with the other kids. Eventually, I may come to school in a van as well but for the moment Grandma Glenda is bringing me.
There are four classrooms - two for 4 year olds and two for 3 year olds. There are eight 3 year olds including me. Since there is another 3 year old named Peyton (yes spelled the same way although this is a boy) they decided to split us up into two different classrooms. So in my class are Rico, Ethan and Chloe. Chloe didn't come the first day so it was me and boys. Once I was settled with Grandma, Mommy and Daddy left. Right now the school district does not have a nurse available so Grandma Glenda is coming to class with me as my "nurse".
Although preschool goes from 8:30 to 3:00 Monday - Thursday my parents are choosing to have me attend just 1/2 day for now. Grandma and I stayed through lunch time and while the two boys went on to rest time, I went home. It was a fun first day and my teacher Sarah is great! I am already fast friends with Ethan and can't wait to meet Chloe.
With all the excitement I fell asleep on the car ride home. After I woke up, Mommy came to pick me up. We needed to go pick up some pizzas before heading to my party. We met up with Aunt Kristin, Carolyn, Noy and her two girls so they could follow Mommy since it is pretty far away. When we got to Ivie Acres, Daddy was already there and we had a few minutes to set up before the guests started to arrive. I was in heaven! They saddled up two of their ponies - Gilligan and Marshmallow - for us to ride. But they had tons of animals - bunnies, chickens, geese, yaks, camels, pigs, donkeys, pigmy goats - the list goes on and on! All of the animals were very friendly and we got to feed and pet them. But my favorite of course were the ponies. When Mommy tried to have me open my presents I cried and whined until she finally gave in and opened the presents herself while I went on another ride!
Grandma Marilyn made my birthday cake - it was a barn and the cupcakes were different farm animals. It was super cute!
It was so much fun to have my family and friends at my birthday party and I got lots of great gifts. Thanks everyone for attending!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Happy birthday sweet girl!

    Can't believe you're already 3, where does the time go?

    Hopefully the next time you decide to have your birthday party at a farm, Jackson can join us!