Friday, November 7, 2008

Wednesday,November 5th, 2008

Two appointments again today. Early this morning it was time for my synagis shot to protect me against RSV - the first of the season. I cried while getting the shot but as soon as Mommy picked me back up I was fine.

I came home for a good long nap and tolerated my feedings being reduced to 15 minutes. Before I had much time to play it was time for my audiology appointment. Just like before, they had me sit on Mommy's lap in a sound booth and measured what I could ear. Without my hearing aids, I was in the 80-90 decibel range (vacuum cleaners, dogs barking, etc). Today with my hearing aids I consistently heard about 20 decibels in tones and speaking which is in the normal range! The audiologist was very pleased with the results. She wants to see me back again in six months for another test.

After such a long day I should have gone down easily tonight but about 9 I started coughing uncontrollably for over an hour. My parents aren't quite sure what is going on but hope I feel better soon.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Hi honey,
    We're all sorry to hear your having a probable reaction to your
    shot a couple of days ago.I hope when mommy calls this morning she tells us your home and sleeping in your own bed.
    That was really good news on your hearing tests honey.I was pretty confident that nothing is getting past you between the hearing aids and the signing you are learning.We
    can hardly wait for Christmas to see you and Traiton together)because he can also sign with you).
    Be better sweetheart and know Granpa and Granma Mower love and miss you,