Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

This is how Mommy found me when it was time for my OT appointment with Karen. Once Karen arrived and Mommy and her started talking a woke up. I think she wishes now she had let me sleep a little longer because I was such a grump! I am usually pretty good for Karen but not today. I didn't want her (or Mommy for that matter) touching me while I practiced standing and cruising on the couch. I just could not get past my horrible mood.

Since Daddy is opening this week he came home early and spent some time playing with me while Mommy got dinner ready. I wasn't much happier with him!

I did very well today with my feedings though. I got down to 30 minute bolus feedings which is the shortest ever for me. Tomorrow Mommy is going to move them down to 20 minutes and see what happens. She is going to keep reducing the time until she finds the point where I don't tolerate it well so she knows what I am capable of.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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