Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Yes, that is a Cheeto in my hand and yes I should not be eating it since we don't have the swallow study results back yet. I am not really "eating" it though, mostly just licking off the cheese which is great by the way! Sorry, Daddy was eating some and I started crying when I saw them on his plate and I couldn't have any - so Daddy caved (and yes, I am filing that information away for future use).
Today I have learned to master standing up from sitting if I have something to pull up against. I will also take 2-3 steps unassisted to something (like the fridge or couch). I haven't yet figured out the landing (or as Mommy calls it my dismount) so I take a few good steps until I run into something and that stops me. Mommy now lives in fear because one moment I am sitting quietly playing and the next moment I am standing up against the couch, the chair or some other large object. Since I am an expert at standing I now stand up in my crib as well even with the mattress lowered as much as it will go and the bar raised as high as possible. I can just barely see over the top but I am standing! Therefore bedtime is even less about sleeping and more about playing then ever. Daddy said, "Peyton lay down" last night after all my antics and I dropped to the crib and laid down. But, he didn't say how long so I immeadiately got back up and gave him a big grin. Got to be a little more specific Daddy!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. I think someone is going to have daddy wrapped around her little finger very very soon if not already. It's ok Peyton, Elizabeth isn't suppose to have certain things, but I give in too cause I know she likes the taste so much!