Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday, November 21st, 2008

I hadn't seen Karen, my OT in a few weeks because I have been sick. So when she came to visit me today she was very impressed with my progress. I am cruising much better and I am much more stable on my feet. I am also starting to bend my new thumb when holding on to things. In the action shot above, you can see me cruising between two of my toys while I watch TV. Mommy thinks it is pretty cute because I over exaggerate my stepping right now as I am learning to transfer weight from one foot to the other and lift my leg really high!
In the afternoon, Mommy was back working when Lucille came to get her. While I was napping my Mic-KEY button fell out. It had only been in about a month so Mommy checked it and sure enough the balloon had a leak. Mommy is really not sure why this keeps happening so she is going to ask my GI at the next appointment if there could be something contributing to the button failure (besides me pulling on it all the time).
Peyton Nicole Smith

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