Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

I broke out of the PICU today! My parents came in the morning to get me hoping I would be discharged today. Unfortunately, Mommy has caught what I have so she had to wait outside a few hours until they released me. While I was with Daddy I kept signing Mommy wondering where she was. I had a little coughing fit before discharge and vomited a little of my feeding but not too much. They released me without any meds or restrictions on my activities so my parents just try to have to get me to rest and get better.
I was very excited to get home and wanted to play right away but my parents made me get into my crib to try to rest a little. I just played with my toys there instead. They are keeping me hooked up to my trach mist 100% of the time right now to try to keep my throat nice and moist so my coughing is productive and prevent me from those coughing spells. I did well all afternoon but early evening Mommy took me off my trach mist for a few minutes to get me ready for bed and a big coughing fit started back up. I ended up vomiting a little bit of my feeding and it took me quite a while to stop coughing so I could get to sleep. Daddy sent Mommy to bed so she could get better while he waited up for Lucille.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Glad to hear you're home sweet girl, and hope you're feeling back to normal in no time. Glad to see you still enjoy looking at my picture in your mini album! Has mommy taught you how to sign "Aunt Kristin" yet?

    Love and miss you!

    Tell mommy I hope she gets over her cold, and starts sleeping, SOON!

    Aunt Kristin