Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, November 14th, 2008

A note from Mommy:

We are mid-day here and so far Peyton has been off the trach mist all day and no vomiting yet either. For those of you who have traveled with us through her vomiting adventures over the last 14 months, you have probably wondered why I worry so much about it. All kids throw up right! Absolutely. It always upsets Peyton and I hate to see her upset. For three other reasons, though, it gets me all worked up.

1. If Peyton throws up then she is losing valuable calories she needs to grow. Since she is so small for her age already, any ongoing episodes of vomiting will probably result in the inability to gain weight or possibly start backsliding on her weight. (see her stomach virus that led to lactose intolerance in the spring, it took us months to get her back to where she had started from).

2. If Peyton throws up it could end up in her trach and into her lungs where if it is aspirated it could turn into pneumonia. If it turns into pneumonia, it could result in damage to her lungs. Currently, Peyton is trached (as far as we have been told) only because the of the small jaw that resulted in a compromised airway, not because of lung disease. So if we can just keep her lungs healthy and clear then we expect that decannulation is still a possibility for her in the future.

3. After a week of being vomited on every day at least once if not more - I am tired of changing her clothes and mine each time! The washing machine has been working overtime this week!

Yes, I am a little bit over the top with all of this but at least I have some valid reasons to be. So bear with me!

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  1. Good morning Miss Peyton,
    I hope you finished the day yesterday vomit free for all the reasons mommy listed on your blog yesterday.We missed seeing a picture of you(we hope it wasn't because you've run out of clothes
    to wear)!
    Now your Granma Mower wants to use your blog Peyton for talking to your mommy.TRACY,never apoligize to anyone for being a little over or alot over in your concerns for your Peyton.No one knows better than you and Travis
    the importance of every health issue Peyton faces and has already faced.She seems to be doing remarkedly well,and it's because
    in part,of your diligence and your
    unrelentness pursuit of getting the best doctor's,nurses and specialists you can to provide Peyton with a bright future.Your family and friends support and applaud you and Travis's efforts,we are not second guessing any decision you make.We only wish there was more we could do.