Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday, January 28th, 2011

With only a few days until surgery, Mommy snapped a before view from the side that you can use to compare later during the distraction process.  I am not going to sugar coat it, this surgery will be difficult, but there is no denying how dramatic the results will be.  You can actually still see the small scar from my last jaw distraction.  Since this will be external rather than internal my parents aren't sure what scars I will be left with this time.

Thanks to everyone who offered up their space heaters and their homes.  We are very grateful that the furnace was replaced yesterday. 

We received a call this evening from Primary Children's and I am the first case up Monday morning.  We are checking in at 6 am, I am supposed to head back at 7:30 am and surgery is scheduled for three hours. 

Everyone please cross their fingers that I will wake up a little more slowly than usual after surgery. I have not been willing to participate and have not had an echocardigram for two years.  Although my aortic valve disease is considered mild to moderate it is always a little concerning when it comes time for surgery.  My cardiologist is sending a technician to the PACU so hopefully when I am out of surgery they will have time to complete the echo before I start waking up.  Although it will be after the surgery is over, it would still be nice to have a recent one.  This is espescially important to Mommy right now as one of her co-workers passed away unexpectedly Thursday morning and there is a possibility the death was as a result of something with her heart.  Mommy hasn't worried too much about my surgery up until now but the news of Nicole's passing has shaken her up.  Because I will be inpatient for most of the week, she will probably not be able to attend the funeral but she will be thinking of Nicole, her family and everyone at work. 

I may get a chance to meet up with my cousin, Gavin at Primary Children's on Thursday if I haven't been discharged yet.  Thursday night he had surgery to place three pins where he broke his elbow.  He is in a splint now but he is coming back on Thursday of next week to have the cast placed.  

Mommy will try to update the blog quickly with information on how I am doing, where I am staying (PICU or regular floor) and if I am up to receiving visitors since I know many people want to stop by and say "hi".  

Peyton Nicole Smith

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