Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Meet Buddy! A week ago, Mommy, Grandma Glenda, Aunt Kristin and I met up at Primary Children's Medical Center for their pre-surgery class. Now neither me or Mommy is new to surgery but when Mommy heard that the class was directed at children as well as parents she signed up. It has become clear that as I get older I am not forgetting my hospital experiences like I used to. Since the jaw distraction will be a longer hospitalization and then weeks of pin turning at home, she had asked Child Life at Primary Children's several weeks ago if there was anything she and Daddy could do proactively to prepare me for this upcoming surgery. They suggested the pre-surgery class as a first step.

Once we all arrived we all watched a video about the hospital and surgeries. Then the parents were moved to one side of the room where a nurse went over some basic instructions and then answered questions. Meanwhile, a Child Life representative sat on the floor with me and the other kids and showed us all kinds of things we would see on the day of surgery and then we got to play with them. We also got a "hospital buddy" in it's own hospital gown to take home and bring back the day of surgery if we wanted. My hospital buddy was quickly named "Buddy" and has a special place in my bed every night.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Daddy is right, Buddy does look like a voodoo doll...

    Counting down the days to your successful surgery sweet girl, you're going to pull through with flying colors, as you always do!