Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

What do you get when you mix a 2 year old, a 3 year old and an airport? You guessed it - complete chaos. Thursday morning Mommy, me, Aunt Kristin and Jackson got on a plane in Salt Lake to head to Portland, Oregon. This trip was a long time coming. Although Great Grandpa Gil has visited several times and Great Grandma Joyce had come to Sacramento for a visit - I still had never met Great Grandpa Larry!
On the flight out, Jackson and Aunt Kristin sat in the row in front of us but he wasn't much fun because he fell asleep before we ever left the ground. Luckily, it is a short flight but then we had to gather all our luggage (5 carry on's and 5 suitcases between the four of us) and get the rental car. After finally wrangling the two of us and all the luggage to the car, Mommy and Aunt Kristin were more than a little frustrated when they realized the car seats they had rented weren't already in the car. After lots of swearing, Mommy got them installed (incorrectly she's sure) and off we went. We didn't get far before the car sounded awful and started to smoke and smell. Aunt Kristin pulled off the freeway and Mommy pulled out the manual and discovered that the Altima was in the manual mode vs. the automatic mode. Once that little problem was resolved off we went to the hotel in Vancouver.
Over the next few days we divided our time between visiting great grandparents on both sides of the Columbia and time in the hotel to unwind. We both slept well and had lots of fun playing with each other.
When it came time to head home on Sunday morning, we got to the airport a little early. Initially sitting and watching the planes come in and out was interesting but as time went by Mommy and Aunt Kristin were doing their best to keep us from tearing down the place. When it was finally time to board, I discovered Jackson wasn't sitting anywhere near me and I was more than a little disappointed. Once again, though, he managed to fall asleep almost immeadiately so Mommy had to keep me entertained. Luckily, it is a short flight and I got to watch cartoons on the tv on the back of the headrest.
We had a great time although it was much too short a trip. Hopefully we can head back again soon.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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