Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

So the first picture shows you two things:
1. How early I wake up on the weekend (sorry Mommy)
2. How cold the house was this morning when we got up - yep 51 degrees!
Mommy and I had the space heater in my room and stayed pretty toasty. Daddy had my two furry brothers and I think the did just fine as well. When I woke up at 6:30 this morning, though, Mommy and I got a blast of cold air when we left my bedroom. It was down right icy. Mommy sat me on my Dora couch with several blankets and set the space heater directly in front of me to help warm me up while she got some coffee going.
When Daddy got up a short while later everyone agreed it was too cold for cooking breakfast. So while Daddy, me and my brothers went back up to their bedroom with a space heater to watch some TV - Mommy went to get some fast food breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed blasting the heater on the way there and back!
Mommy called the agency mid-day to warn my nurse, Michelle, of the conditions. She called right back and said she was still up for working the night shift. She then called a few minutes later to offer the services of a friend who worked in HVAC. Mommy explained the predicament with the warranty and Michelle pointed out a concern that had occurred to both my parents first thing in the morning - the potential for the pipes freezing. Mommy decided to call the warranty company back and after a few minutes of checking, the representative verified we weren't kidding about the temperatures overnight and said they would try to get a contractor out by the end of the day. She wasn't hopeful but if they didn't make it today they would come first thing in the morning.
Not long after that call, Grandma Glenda called after reading the previous blog posting concerned that her granddaughter was a frozen popsicle. My parents assured her I was fine but they promised to head right over with another space heater. Not only did they bring a space heater, but they also brought Pandy and Coco too! I had fun chasing after four dogs as they chased each other around the house!
After they went home, I tried to take a nap but was just too wound up. Mommy had told me that we were going over to Grandma and Papa Smith's for dinner and I couldn't wait. My parents were happy to thaw out for a few hours over dinner and dessert and I got to play with Pandy and Coco.
When we got home, my parents got me in bed and without a nap I was asleep around 9:00 pm. Daddy set up one space heater with me and one downstairs for my nurse, Michelle. He also got out our queen size heated blanket for her too. Mommy and Daddy figured that with the two of them and the two dogs in a bed together they would stay plenty warm.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. It's amazing what one does in crisis and pulls through.
    Yeah for staying warm!