Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, January 24th, 2011

With the long cold weekend hanging out in one room in the house, my parents saw how much I enjoy puzzles. I had gotten one for Christmas from Grandma and Papa Smith. Than my night nurse, Michelle brought over two more after cleaning out her son's room. Each night I can spend hours taking them apart and putting them back together. As you can see when I fell asleep last night I hadn't quite finished it!

Mommy stayed home from work today to meet the HVAC technician. He showed up around 9:30 and after about 20 minutes let Mommy know that there was indeed a problem. The heating unit was cracked and it was a good thing Daddy had turned off the gas as it would have been leaking. The technician said there were three options - the warranty company could request a 2nd opinion, replace just the part of replace the entire furnace. He expected we would hear back from them with an answer within about two hours. About four hours later, Mommy got a call from the HVAC company and she sent them Daddy's way. He called back a few minutes later with the good and bad news. The good news is the warranty will cover the cost of the furnace. The bad news is it won't cover any of the costs associated with replacing the furnace - new duct work, removing the old furnace, etc. to the tune of $1200. In addition, it will take 3-4 business days for the new furnace to come in which places the day to replace it smack dab on the day of my jaw distraction (and also means a long week without heat). The HVAC company said they would try their best to have it by Friday so that we could get it replaced before my surgery but it's not looking so good.
So let's all collectively cross our fingers that the furnace arrives in the next few days and the pipes hold out!
On an interesting note, a few days ago Daddy spelled out my name with my magnet letters. Tonight I decided to mix them up and try to spell my name on my own - as you can clearly see - I am obviously brilliant because I figured it out. Then Daddy spelled out my last name for me and once again I mixed them up and put them back in the right order. Who needs Your Baby Can Read?

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Really?.....Ouch about the furnace, why is it that everything clusters together.
    Here's to no more costly expenses.
    Fingers and toes crossed.

    Love the puzzle image, she is just way to sweet laying beside all of her hard work.

    Way to go on the spelling of her name...I am major impressed Peyton!!

  2. Okay had to come back again to see your name spelled out again.
    Still dang impressed!!