Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

I think Mommy is getting very frustrated with me. I have learned to take my HME off over the last few days and now it is everything she can do to keep it on me. The HME (heat & moisture exchanger) is the "artificial nose" that is put on my trach during the day when I am not getting the mist. It keeps my trach humidified since I don't breath air through my noise and add humidity that way. So, it is kind of important to keep it on. As soon as Mommy puts it back on me, I take it back off and try to eat it. Mommy even gave me another HME to eat if I wanted but as soon as I drop it I grab the one on my trach. I think it is a fun game to play to show her how smart I am but I don't think Mommy feels the same way. She keeps telling me "no, that is not for playing it is for breathing" but I'm just a baby - I don't know what that means! Mommy is seeking advice from other trach mommies to see if this is a phase and how to live through it (besides wine and counseling).

Terry my special education teacher brought out Karen an occupational therapist today. They were both very impressed with me. They brought me some new toys that are smaller that I can get to my mouth. I like new toys! Karen did some exercises with me and thought I actually had pretty good rotation in my arms and shoulders but encouraged some more stretching to help keep me "loose". They kept telling Mommy and Lucille how very smart I am and I showed them my trick of pulling of my HME. They tried not to laugh but I know they thought it was funny!

Since I have had trouble adjusting to my Passy-Muir speaking valve Mommy asked some other trach mommies what they have done. They suggested drilling holes in it and then as I adjust to cover the holes with tape until I am using it like a big girl. So, Daddy came home tonight and got out the drill. My parents put it on with two holes and within a few minutes covered one hole with tape and then a few minutes later covered the other hole. I wore it for 5 minutes or so without any holes and was making some funny sounds. It really wasn't that bad. My parents were so proud that I am learning how to talk!

My parents also put me in my walker today for the first time. I haven't figured out yet how to move but it won't take me too long. My parents think I will be happier once I am more mobile and don't have to catch rides with them but they also know that means soon they will be chasing me down the hall in my walker which is a whole new set of problems!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Can't wait until you're running around the house in your walker, with mom and dad and the dogs chasing after you!

    You are making such GREAT progress, and I can't believe it's been six months since we were blessed to have you in our lives. Seems like I've known you forever!

    I love you sweet girl, and if you could just get your parents back to Salt Lake, we would be able to show you how much we love you daily!!!

    Aunt Kristin