Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

After two months of waiting (and fighting) I finally got in to see a pediatric gastroenterologist. She is Dr Davis and she is awfully nice! Unfortunately, the appointment was at her office in Folsom which is almost an hour drive away. Since it was so late in the day, my parents couldn't guarantee that Lucille would be able to get back by 5:30 so Daddy took the last half of the day off and the three of us went to the appointment and left Lucille at the house.

I was such a good girl! I didn't get upset or cry the whole car ride, the 45 minutes in the waiting room or the 30 minute appointment. In fact, I whined for a few seconds once in the car on the way home and then turned my head and fell asleep. I was pretty content just to sit in my car seat and play.

At my weigh in I was 12 lbs so I have put on weight since my last pediatrician's appointment. Since my continuous feeds are going so well, Dr Davies doesn't want to change anything just yet. Since it is still winter and cold and flu season she would prefer to give me a few more weeks to get bigger and then come back for a follow up. At that time she will probably switch me to a different formula that she thinks I will tolerate well. In the meantime her office is going to work with the insurances to try to get the travel pump approved so it's easier to get back and forth from appointments and not disrupt my feedings. Then, she will slowly move me back to bolus feedings and put me on acid reflux medicine if I start to have spitting up problems again. I am also going to be followed by a dietician who will help decide when to increase my volumes and if I need to have my calories moved up again. At least for the rest of the appointments they are going to start seeing me at the Sacramento clinic so the drive won't be so far. Mommy was so relieved to finally have someone take her concerns seriously and want to do something about it. She just about hugged the doctor she was so happy!

Then to top off an already good day, I came home to presents! My aunt and uncles on my Mommy's side sent a Valentine's coookie bouquet. Ok, the cookies are really for Daddy since there is a box on the way with presents for me and Mommy but it was fun all the same. Then, my Papa and Grandma Smith sent my parents some chocolates and me a stuffed doggy. How did they know red is my favorite color? I kissed my doggy right away and had to fight my brother Henry since he liked it so much, too! Thanks everyone!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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