Friday, February 8, 2008

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

Three weeks ago, Lucille notified Mommy that she couldn't work today. Mommy let the home health agency know right away but as of yesterday afternoon they still didn't have someone to cover her shift. Work is crazy busy for Mommy right now so Daddy volunteered to stay home and play with me today. He said he was looking forward to having a Daddy-Daughter day with me. I had a really good time playing with him. He lets me get away with being rocked to sleep or falling asleep in my swing - while Mommy makes me fall asleep in my crib. I definately have him wrapped around my finger and will use that to my advantage in the future : )

Later in the evening, Mommy read me a a book that my Great-Grandpa Gil gave me for Christmas. It was all about a princess who didn't want to go to sleep. You can see above that I liked it a lot.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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