Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

A few weeks ago Mommy and Daddy went to Parent Teacher conferences.  This will be the first of many for them but they were curious to see what my teacher would say.  Miss Felsted said I am doing great from an educational perspective which didn't surprise my parents at all.  What Mommy has been most concerned about is how I am doing socially.  She had gone to school the first day to talk to my classmates about me but hasn't been back since.  Miss Felsted said that every year she has a child or two in her class that draw other kids to them.  Apparently I am one of them this year.  She said that everyone wants to be my partner or sit next to me.  In fact there is a set of triplets in the class (all girls) and at times they all want to be my buddy.  But the one person I talk about all the time is Ava.  You can see her above having our Thanksgiving meal.  We had a play date a few weeks ago at the local aquarium and if we weren't fast friends before that we certainly are now.  She is no longer sitting at the same table as me in the classroom but as far as I am concerned she is still my bestie!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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