Thursday, December 27, 2012

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

When Hope Kids alerted Mommy to a night out at the pool, she thought it was one of the best times to try to see how I did in the pool.  The Lehi pool was going to open after hours for Hope Kids so there would be a limited number of people in the pool and since all have medical issues as well, they would be careful around the other children.

When we arrived, there were several people there to greet us including a man with a trach - how's that for coincidence?
Daddy decided to stay on the sidelines in case he needed to jump in and also to record the moment.  Mommy and I hopped in the water and I quickly learned that keeping my mouth closed was a requirement!  We spent time going down the kiddie slide and Mommy put me in a life jacket as we went out into the larger pool.  Since Mommy can't actually swim she never went much more than waist high in the water.

Although my parents were very nervous they were happy I finally had a chance to get in a real pool but there were lots of serious discussions about how important it is that Mommy or Daddy is with me before I ever get in another pool in the future.

Thanks to Hope Kids for giving us another opportunity to be a regular kid!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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