Thursday, December 27, 2012

Monday, November 5th, 2012

For my birthday, Mommy and Daddy got me tickets to see the Fresh Beat Band.  They have a show on TV I love to watch because it is all about singing and dancing.  We ended up right near the front and there was a large section in front of us that didn't have any seats so I had plenty of room to dance and apparently I was pretty noticeable because Shout (in blue above) came down and danced with me!  During the intermission, one of the back up dancers named Frances came up to say hi.  She asked if I wanted to be the Rock Star for the night.  During the Rock Star song they bring up a child from the audience, put a Rock Star jacket on them and then dance with them on stage.  Even though I love the Fresh Beats I said not this year - maybe when I am six - so they picked another girl.  On the very last song Twist (in orange) came down into the audience and gave me a great big hug!  It was such a great night - thanks Fresh Beat Band!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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