Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

With the loss of nursing at night, my parents have been trying to figure out a way to sleep in their own beds but keep me safe. The baby monitor is great - with audio and video - but I am hooked up to three different machines at night (pulse oximeter, feeding pump, trach mist) and it is impossible for me to get into their room if there is a problem. My daddy is pretty clever and decided on putting a doorbell on the bed that I can push and it will ring in our bedroom next door. Unfortunately, my fingers weren't strong enough to push the button so he fashioned a doorbell cover that I can push on that will push the button for me. Presto - parents at my beck and call! My parents had me practice - they would leave the room and have me ring the bell for them. I thought that was totally cool and then we switched - I would go wait in their room until I heard the bell.
Mommy still spent the night on a mattress on the floor in my room and at 2:30 am she woke up to find that I had rung the bell which woke Daddy up and he came in the room. I hadn't seen her lying there but the doorbell worked like a charm! I was awake, I pushed the button and my parents were there like magic! Mommy tried to explain that it was WAY too early to get up and she convinced me to come sleep on the mattress on the floor with her for a quick nap.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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