Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

The mystery of vomiting. My parents, my nurses, my doctors and even my grandparents have spent countless hours analyzing why I vomit. Sometimes the answer is simple - violent coughing, stomach virus, constipation, volume. Many times nobody really knows why. Each of the last three days I have vomited once. Tuesday it was after my 3 pm feeding. Just stopped all of a sudden and vomited. Wednesday while sleeping and getting my 3 pm feeding I suddenly woke up and vomited. Today the vomiting was during my first feeding of the day. Violent coughing - nope. Stomach virus - possibly but since it is only one feeding a day probably not likely. Constipation - possibly but I have had numerous stools each of the three days so things seem to be moving. My parents did just bump me up 90 cc's a day to try to get extra weight on me ahead of surgery but that didn't happen until Wednesday and it is only a few cc's extra per feeding so it doesn't explain the vomiting Tuesday before the extra volume was added. There is also that small issue of my button placement. Several GI's later they are all unsure of why it was placed there to begin with and aren't sure what the pros or cons are of having it there. We have certainly figured out one con (button sucking in issues) but there is no guarantee if it got moved that that particular problem would be solved. Even if it was, there is the potential we would have other issues with the new placement. Many kids with a g tube also have the Nissen fundoplication procedure to prevent excessive vomiting and GERD. Luckily, my vomiting has never been serious enough to warrant the procedure but if my g tube placement is changed all bets are off. It certainly seems like there are a lot of kids with g tubes that have issues with vomiting but Mommy hasn't ever heard any strong indication that the g tube itself is contributing.

Within moments of vomiting I am usually off playing again so it is unlikely that I am sick but it is curious and very frustrating. Curious because Mommy doesn't like not knowing why something is happening with me and frustrating because those are precious calories that I really need to grow. Unlike most of America my fight is to keep weight on - not try and get it off! So my New Year's resolution is to gain weight folks!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Look at her smile.....contagious.
    I love those jammies!
    I would wonder why the vomiting too.

    Happy New Years and I hope your Christmas was joyous.