Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

It was a super busy day with two therapy appointments and the Hope Kids Christmas party. First was my occupational therapy appointment from 4-5 pm. I did my best to concentrate but without a nap it was a little difficult and Wendee sometimes had a hard time keeping me on task. Then I walked down the hall and form 5-6 pm it was speech therapy with Courtney. We have been really focusing on speech but today my mouth was all gunky so Coutney had me drink some water from a little shot-like glass. She was happy so see me swallowing but noticed immediately that for the small amount I was drinking I had to swallow multiple times to get it down. It certainly seemed as if I woked awfully hard to swallow. Courtney definately wants to have me in for another swallow study after my jaw distraction process is completed to see what we will be up against. At the end of my therapy sessions, Courtney took me to the office where I got to pick out a stuffed animal. Now what kind of animal would I pick out? A spider of course! His name is Spinner and I think he is super cool. Courtney was shaking her head in disbelief but Mommy wasn't surprised at my strange choice!

After back to back therapy sessions there was no rest for the weary because off we went to Riverton for the Hope Kids Christmas party. Because there are so many kids they had two parties and we made it to the second of the two that day. First we went upstairs to have our pictures taken. (Mommy wasn't expecting this one so she can't wait to see how badly they turned out). Then on to the gift room. There were tables set up for age groups and we went to the 0-3 table but the 4-7 table was right next door and there I saw a Dora the Explorer bath set. The volunteers were very sweet and let me have it even though I wasn't four yet! Mommy and I then made our way back downstairs where I noticed Santa right off. With Mommy holding me, I signed what I wanted for Christmas and Mommy explained that I had worked really hard the last few days potty training and certainly deserved it. After signing my request to Santa, Mommy and I sat down at a table and decorated a Christmas cookie. There was plenty of colored frosting and candy to keep me busy. The volunteers at the table even knew some sign language and were able to communicate with me using ASL. After we finished up my cookie, I got pretty nervous at Santa being so close by so I insisted that we go upstairs where I could look down over the balcony at Santa. Any time he would move around the room and I lost sight of him I would get pretty anxious. Eventually I signed to Mommy that I wanted to go home.

It had been a long day and I fell asleep in the car on the way home but perked right up once we got home because I wanted to get right in the bath to play with my new bath set.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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