Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Did I or didn't I? When Mommy went through my preschool back pack this morning there was a note from my teacher, Sarah. It said that at school today I pinched another classmate and had to go to the "sad chair". My parents asked who I had pinched. At first they thought I had said Connor but they later confirmed with Grandma it is Carter. They pulled out my class picture but Carter wasn't in it. When Mommy talked to Grandma, she explained that Carter is new to class in the last few weeks. Grandma had heard that I had put my arm around Carter and he said "ow". Grandma isn't sure if anyone actually saw me pinch Carter or if Carter didn't want me to touch him. Either way the rule is if someone is hurt then you go to the "sad chair". It is pretty common for me to want to put my arm around my friends at school as well as my cousins but I haven't been known to pinch them in the past. So at this point my parents aren't quite sure what really happened and I'm not telling.
Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Hi sweetheart,
    What great news about having no cavities on your last visit with the dentist! It sounds as though going in every 3 months will really work alot better for you.We are really proud of you for brushing your teeth and being such a good girl about it.
    Sorry to hear about the incident at school with your new friend.We know you would't mean to hurt anyone.
    We got Santa Claus working and can
    hardly wait for you to come over and sing with him. Have a great day Peyton,and say hi to mommy and daddy for us.
    Hugs and kisses,
    Granpa and Granma Mower

  2. I have no doubt that you did NOT pinch Carter! You wouldn't even dream of it!