Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, December 20th, 2010

This evening Mommy, Daddy and I went to Costco to pick up our Christmas cards (yes they are finally in the mail although Mommy never did get the cute pictures of me and my brothers she had hoped for). After that stop we went to Johanna's Kitchen for dinner. We hit Johanna's often on a weekend morning but we have never gone for dinner. It was absolutely dead and we got a whole section to ourselves. I was content coloring and drinking some soda. The waitress brought it in a styrafoam cup with a lid and a straw. Mommy wasn't quite sure how that was going to work but Daddy put the straw in and let me give it a try. To Mommy's amazement I was drinking out of a normal straw. Now you are probably thinking "and that is amazing why?" For years feeding therapists have worked with me to get enough suction that I could use a straw. In the past if the straw was just a few inches long I would be able to get a little but it was a lot of work on my part. So when Mommy looked over and saw me using my regular size straw and I was not capped (just had on an HME) she was impressed. I've come a long way baby!

I had a nice nap today so tonight I was not anywhere close to falling asleep. Daddy let me run around downstairs and told me that as soon as Michelle (my night nurse) arrived I would have to go up to bed. Mommy and I were talking in my room when she pointed to her ear and said listen. My eyes got big and I asked "is that Michelle?" Mommy nodded and I ran like a bat out of hell out the door where I ran into Michelle in the hallway. Then I ran back into my room, on my bed and proceeded to start crying because I knew it was time for bed - well not exactly. Michelle and I had plans to read books but I ended up going downstairs with her where I fell asleep in front of the TV watching a Christmas movie around 11 pm.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Congrats on your straw sucking progress sweet girl, you have come a long way, and I don't anticipate that's EVER going to stop!! Even if mommy and daddy would prefer to hold you back at times...