Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Because Daddy and Grandma were both sick with the stomach flu, Mommy stayed home from work today to take care of me. Since tomorrow is a day off from school, my Friday therapy appointment got moved to today. Today we got to make play doh from scratch. While Mommy and I put the ingredients together, Sarah coached Mommy on how to keep me verbalizing what I was doing with "ing" words like stirring, pouring and rolling.

Mommy gave Sarah a quick lesson in all things Peyton - she had lots of questions about my past medical history and what is planned for the future. She asked Mommy if she knew what I had scored on testing around receptive language. Mommy knew I had done pretty well in the past and Sarah shared that I was at 3 years 6 months. When Mommy didn't look shocked, Sarah asked Mommy, "Do you know where the rest of the students in the class are scoring?" Mommy wasn't sure so Sarah said, "12 months. You don't realize how unusual it is to have a child with hearing loss not only not be delayed in receptive language but be above age level - we never see that!" Mommy isn't sure all the reasons why I am doing so well but she figures that by getting my hearing aids at such a young age that had to have helped.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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