Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Monday, October 4th, 2010

After weeks of waiting it was cast removal day! Since Shriner's in Sacramento had done the surgery, my parents got permission to have my cast taken off by the Shriner's in Salt Lake. We were 1/2 hour early for our appointment - good thing! For years Shriner's has been a charity hospital and didn't bill insurance if a patient had it. That has come to an end and since they are going to start billing insurance companies they had to change to a new computer system. Unfortunately for us, this morning was the go-live. It took 45 minutes for us just to get checked in - ouch! Then what Mommy thought was a quick appointment turned into a marathon. First step - remove the cast. Now this is easier said then done because Mommy learned at my last two cast removals that I do not like this process one bit. Sure enough, I started crying as soon as the tool was turned on and cried the entire way through. Step two - off to xray (also on my top five list of bad experiences). Mommy held my arm down so they could get a few pictures and then back to the exam room we went. Step three - pin removal. This was pretty quick but after looking at the xrays he decided not to put me in a soft splint but to have a plastic splint custom made for me since the bones didn't look fully healed. Step four - one to the splint room where it took close to an hour to get fitted for my new pink plastic splint. During this time, Mommy and Grandma encouraged me to start holding my arm in a more natural position and to start using my hand but I was not in the mood - I didn't want anyone even looking at it let alone touching it. Because there is some question as to whether the bone is healed or not, I am not allowed to have any PT or OT on the hand until the splint comes off. So I will return on 11/1 for more xrays.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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