Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Friday, October 1st, 2010

It has been a busy couple of days with doctor's appointments this week. On Tuesday, I had an eye exam. Back in July when I had my craniofacial panel appointment they recommended an eye exam since it had been several years since my last one. They didn't find anything wrong the last time but due to my rare genetic syndrome they want to keep a close watch on my vision. I started out with an exam which was not too big a deal but then I had to get drops to dialate my eyes for the second part of the exam. Not fun! When they finally got them in I got to go back to the waiting room and play for 30 minutes and then back to the exam room. Poor Dr Dries, I was using my cast as a weapon as he tried to look into my eyes! He must have gotten a good enough look because he let Mommy know that he didn't see any problems although he could tell I was near sighted and would need glasses in the future - wonderful! He did ask Mommy that if I were to go under anesthesia soon to let him know so he could come get a better look while I was not in such a fighting mood. So now that is two specialists who have mentioned to Mommy that they would like me under anesthesia to do a thorough exam - sounds like a pattern!

On Wednesday, I had my speech appointment with Courtney. Since I hadn't gotten a nap in by the time my 5 pm appointment rolled around I was getting a little tired and it showed. Although I participated well in the games and did what Courtney asked - I was a little less focused. In fact, as I was sitting in front of the mirror practicing where to place my tongue when saying "d" and "t" - my sparkly shoes caught my attention and I spent quite some time checking them out!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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