Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I missed preschool yesterday because of my cast removal appointment at Shriner's so I was super excited to go today. I had a great day and took advantage of my cast being removed and did what I have been wanting to do for a long time - hang from the slide. So over the last few weeks, it has become the custom that when my classmates go down the slide, they hand on the bar at the top of the slide for a few moments then drop onto the slide and off they go. With my cast I have not been able to do the hanging part. Today I made up for lost time and held up the line for the slide because I wanted to keep hanging!
In the afternoon, Mommy and I met up with Aunt Kristin and Cousin Jackson at the aquarium where we spent an hour or so running between exhibits. It was sometimes hard to keep up with Jackson because he was so excited to move from one tank to the next but I did my best to keep up.
Aunt Kristin had a fun surprise waiting for us when we got in the car to leave - she found plastic snowglobes that shoot snow and play Christmas music. I got a Rudolph one and Jackson got a Winnie the Pool one. I played it all night long!
At dinnertime, my parents and I met Karen for dinner at Mimi's. I tried hard to stay sitting but it seemed like we were there forever and there were a few moments where I was having trouble minding my parents. While Mommy and Daddy were embarrased, Karen seemed more amused. This may be the last time we got out to dinner together for a while!
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