Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Due to some system issues, I have been off line for quite some time - sorry about that! I can catch you up pretty quickly on the last week and a half - here goes: vomit, snot, vomit, snot, vomit, vomit, more vomit, snot

Yep that pretty much covers it! After getting over our initial colds, Mommy and I have continued with the congestion and runny noses. Just to add some fun, the stomach flu fairy came to visit. I had vomiting off and on for several days last week but early Tuesday morning it got ramped up and I vomited 5 times in last than 8 hours. Fun for all! Mommy had her own bout of stomach flu on Saturday so we headed to the pediatrician on Tuesday afternoon where after a 2 hour appointment we were told that if the vomiting didn't taper off in 24 hours to come back in. Luckily for me it did taper off and by this morning I was feeling much better and was able to attend the field trip to the pet store with my preschool class. So all is well now right? Not so fast! Grandma started up with her stomach flu tonight as did Daddy. Like I said - fun for all!

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Hi Peyton,
    Your Granpa Don and I just saw you yesterday and there was no vomit!Things are definately getting better.We loved your sparkling pink shoes!
    Hugs and kisses,
    Granpa and Granma Mower

  2. I think Cottonwood Heights starts their tumbling classes at age 4. Sign her up!