Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Just when my parents were thinking they had dodged a bullet, here we go again! Tuesday night I started running a fever again and then came the coughing and then the heart rate increased. Yep we are right back where we started. My parents had the night nurse start back on the Tylenol every four hours and the breathing treatments every six hours. By this morning I was in a pretty good mood and wanted to play so Mommy kept up on the meds throughout the day. By early afternoon, I was starting to slow down and while Mommy was interviewing a potential day nurse (don't get too excited, she can only work two days a week) I was feeling so awful I fell asleep in her arms. When Mommy finally got me moved to my crib and hooked up my pulse ox my heart rate was in the 150's-160's when normally they are closer to 80's-90's. In fact, my heart rate is actually higher today then a few days ago when I first got sick. After a few hours of sleeping, though, I woke up in a pretty good mood but Mommy made me return to my "sick bed" which I was not happy about. Even with Tylenol I was still running a pretty good fever but as the night wore on with the help of Pedialite, breathing treatments and some rest I was in a much better place when I went to bed - my heart rate was down to the 120's. Whew!
Peyton Nicole Smith

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