Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Mommy read somewhere that once you allow one stuffed animal into your home they reproduce and multiply - kind of like rabbits. Most kids have lots of stuffed animals but I have opportunities to receive stuffed animals that most kids don't because I have lots of doctor's appointments and hospitalizations. Most children's hospitals send me home with a stuffed animal of my choosing and if I am there overnight I often get a home made quilt as well. Today was my follow up for my hand surgery at Shriner's. It was a quiet day in the waiting room so I had plenty of room to run around and play. It was just Mommy and I because Lucille's shift had ended. I am getting so big now that when we were called back I walked myself to get my height and weight - with clothes today I was a whopping 25 lbs. 4 ozs. Then I walked myself to my exam room and got right to playing. First in was Janice - Dr James' nurse. She had contacted Mommy a few weeks ago to see if she would be willing to talk to a family with a brand new baby with Nager. Mommy hasn't heard from them yet, so she gave Janice my blog address in case they would be more comfortable reading up about me. Then in came the young male resident. He had a few questions about my hands and then asked about my jaw distractions. He let Mommy know he had two jaw distractions when he was a teenager and actually was trached for a few weeks after each one - he even showed Mommy the scar. A short time later, Dr James and Janice returned after checking out my blog. Dr James wanted to check out my hands and I was a lot more friendly this time around then I was the last time I saw her. I showed off my sign language by signing "I love you" which was a big hit. Then I got to walk to the back office to pick out a toy - and that is where the stuffed animals come in. I am now the proud parent of a Zodiac Beanie Baby horse. As you can see he and I hit it off immeadiately. I think I am pretty lucky that I go to doctor's appointments and come back with toys - maybe this is why my attitude about the doctor has improved over the years!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Spoiled girl!

    When are you going to schedule your next hand surgery?